Thursday, April 3, 2008

My contacts

My families,teacher and friends contacts:-


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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Here are a few links that i use to create my beautiful blog:-


*At the first web, you can choose some backgrounds for your blog.
*At the second web,you can insert some music into your blog but,spell it with
capital letters just for the alphabet "F".
*At the third web, you can find some pitcures.
*At the last web, you can find some cursors to choose there.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I would like to thanks to my family,my lovely teacher Pn.Ng Bee Ling and my friends for helping me completting the folio and supporting me all the time.I hope i will get good marks for my flio this year.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Similarities and diffrences of two characters in-Clever Katya.







Letter to my favourite character

Dear Katya,

You are my favourite character in the story
because you are so pretty,clever,patient and
kind.I will try my best to be like you.You are my

Self introduction.

Hye my name is Aiman Fatihah bt.Amir.
I was born in year 1996.My date of birth is 28.August.1996.
I am a strict person and lots more.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Clever Katya ♥ .

Title:Clever Katya
Retold by:Julia Donaldson
Illustrated by:Jane Kochnewitz
This story is about The Czar and the farmer's daughter, Katya. One day, The Czar was out of his palace.Suddenly, he felt hungry and asked the farmer for some bread. He liked the bread so much and wanted to see the wonderful baker that baked this bread.He then asked the farmer who baked the bread? Katya,my daughter replied the farmer .The Czar asked the farmer to told everything about Katya.Katya is a very beautiful,cever girl and a very good baker.Even smarter than me?asked the Czar.The farmer des not reply. The Czar had meet Katya in the next day.He tried many times to outsmart her but she was too clever for him. The Czar began to like her and asked her to married him. Katya agreed but with one permission which is , she will take anything she loved best in the palace whenever the Czar doesn't wants her in his palace anymore. The Czar promised her and they lived happily in the palace. One night, the Czar was in a bad mood and they quarrelled. The Czar told the soldiers to bring Katya back to her father. She packed up her things into a big chest and went home with her father. When she reached home, she opened the big chest and her father was surprised. Inside the chest, laid the Czar asleep. He woke up and was angry. Katya reminded him about his promised. The Czar was surprised and he promised he will never sent Katya back home again. He also admitted that Katya is the cleverest person in Russia and they lived happily ever after.